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Wheel Alignment at TA Lingard Motors

Are your wheels aligned correctly?

At TA Lingard Motors, our technicians are qualified to undertake computerised 4 Wheel Alignment. Our Hi Tech computerised system ensures the highest level of accuracy with alignment.

If the wheels on a car are not aligned properly, it will decrease fuel economy, put your safety at risk and braking becomes dangerous. Inconsistent tyre wear, or the car pulling to the left or right, are all indicators that the alignment could be out.

Our diagnostic machines offer the latest technology found on more high-end systems, the geoliner 650 XD features a new, highly accurate camera system and smaller, lighter XD targets as well as clamps that attach securely to the wheel for more precise results.
But what makes the geoliner 650 really special is its simple, intuitive interface, easy-to-use PRO 42 software and customisable options that provide the essential tools.  High-end performance without a high-end price tag makes the geoliner 650 ideal for general repair garages.

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Wheel Alignment Berkhampsted
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Wheel Alignment in Berkhampsted
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